Urgent Care Clinic Services: The Basics To Know

26 May 2023
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The healthcare industry has changed dramatically over the years with boutique medicine, expanded access clinics, and urgent care centers becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the actual purpose and benefit of an urgent care center. It is important that you understand the facts to help you determine when a visit to urgent care is warranted. Urgent Care Is Not A Primary Care Substitute It's easy to consider a local urgent care center as your primary care solution, especially if they take walk-ins or they're easy to get an appointment with. Read More 

How To Minimize The Risk Of Undergoing An X-Ray Scan

14 April 2023
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X-ray exams come with benefits that far outweigh the risks. However, it's still important to take the steps necessary to identify medical conditions that could lead to serious health problems in the future.  Questions to Ask Before Undergoing an X-Ray Scan One of the questions to ask is the X-ray's purpose and whether it will be beneficial. Alternative methods might be less invasive and less likely to cause side effects. However, even with the concerns associated with X-rays, you will be better protected from radiation poisoning by wearing a lead apron. Read More 

4 Holistic Treatments for Pain And Illness

21 February 2023
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Western medicine typically addresses parts of the body individually. This can be likened to fixing certain parts of a car as they break down. On the other hand, holistic medicine treats the entire body as a whole. Holistic medicine can be used alongside Western medicine or on its own. These are some holistic treatments that can benefit people who suffer from pain or illness:  1. Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that originated in the country of China. Read More 

Tips For Effective Head Lice Removal

29 December 2022
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Lice are tiny, parasitic insects that can take up residence in human hair. They are very contagious, and people often pick them up at work or school — sometimes after sharing hats or touching each other's hair. If you or someone in your household has lice, you can usually get rid of them on your own without having to seek medical care. Here are some tips to help you do so effectively. Read More 

Why Your Doctor Might Suggest Magnets To Help You With Your Depression

11 November 2022
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Depression is a truly awful condition that affects so many people across America and abroad. It can make everything in your daily life seem like a challenge and just generally not worth it, and trying to manage it can be different for everyone. Sometimes medication may work best, other times, lifestyle changes can help address many of the symptoms of depression. What you may not expect is that your doctor suggests you try magnets to help try to relieve your depression. Read More