Huh? Some Signs It Is Time To Go For A Hearing Test

2 August 2017
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What did you say? If you find that you are experiencing some difficulties with your hearing lately, it could be time for a hearing test. There are some indications that could warrant a referral to a specialist, to preserve and potentially resolve the hearing difficulty.  

Some signs that it is time to ask your doctor for a hearing test are:

Ringing in your ears. Ringing in the ears is among the first signs of hearing loss. Make sure to consult with your doctor if you experience this.

Muffling of sounds. Another sign of a hearing issue is feeling like sounds are muffled and often indistinguishable.

Difficulty hearing amid background-noise. Individuals with hearing deficits often have difficulty hearing or focusing on a conversation with background-noises, such as chatter, traffic, or other sounds.

Frequent need for others to repeat what is said. Are you consistently asking others to repeat themselves? This could also point to a recent issue with your hearing.

Constantly turning up volumes. If you catch yourself turning up the volume on your TV, laptop, or other device, you might be having an issue with your hearing. Get it checked-out!

Trouble following conversations. It can be difficult to follow a conversation when you don't hear well. It may also feel like others talk too fast to keep-up.

A desire to avoid social situations. If your hearing is interfering with social activities or situations, see your doctor. It is common to want to avoid these scenarios since it can be challenging to understand what is being said in a crowd of people.

Sudden noticeable loss of hearing. If you wake up to a difference in your hearing, see your doctor. An injury may cause a sudden loss of hearing, as can a build-up of ear wax.

Feeling like others are mumbling. Are other people mumbling? If this persists, it could point to a hearing issue.

Not hearing the phone or doorbell. Do you hear the doorbell or phone when it rings?  Also, it is not uncommon for those experiencing hearing loss to have added difficulty conversing on the telephone.

Increase in your own speech volume. If you seem to be speaking more-loudly than previously, it is time for a hearing test.

Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of these issues or if you are concerned that your hearing has changed due to an accident or injury. It could be something simple such as wax build-up which is easily resolved to restore your hearing. Don't miss out on something simply because you couldn't hear it; make an appointment with a clinic like Desert Knolls Hearing Center.