Three Tips For Undergoing An MRI

13 August 2017
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Depending on the nature of your injury or disease, you may need to undergo an MRI scan. This type of scan will provide the medical staff with invaluable insight into the cause and severity of your condition. However, if you have never undergone this type of scan, you may find that you are unsure about what you should do to prepare for this experience.

Limit The Amount Of Jewelry That You Wear To Your Appointment

Metal can be extremely disruptive to MRI scans, and it is will be important to ensure that you are free of metal items before the start of the test. For this reason, you will want to minimize the amount of metal jewelry that you wear to the evaluation. While you will be given a chance to remove these items before the test, this can increase the amount of time needed to complete this examination, and there may be a chance of you forgetting to take off a particular piece of jewelry.

Let The Staff Know If You Suffer From Claustrophobia

There are many people that will start to experience an intense sense of stress if they are placed in a confined space. Unfortunately, this will be necessary due to the design of these machines. However, if you let the staff members know that you suffer from this problem, there are a number of ways that they can help you to manage this problem. For example, it may be possible for the staff members to give you frequent breaks during this procedure, and they can help you acclimate to the sensation of being in the MRI so that you are less likely to become overwhelmed by this experience.

Use The Earplugs That Will Be Provided To You

It can be common for individuals that have never been through an MRI to greatly underestimate the amount of sound that will be generated by the devices. Furthermore, the design of this machine ensures that patients will hear these sounds at their full volume, and this can be extremely unpleasant. To minimize this discomfort, the staff will likely provide you with earplugs prior to the start of the scan. While wearing these earplugs may seem unnecessary at first, you will quickly be glad that you have them once the test starts. Unfortunately, if you do not put in the earplugs before the start of the test, you may have to wait as any substantial movement from you can ruin the image produced by this exam.

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