How To Recover From Osteoporosis Fractures

13 April 2018
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Osteoporosis can have a serious impact on your happiness, health and quality of life. This bone disease occurs from a decrease in your bone mineral density. This results in brittle and weak bones.

If you fall down and get a hip fracture, then you are going to need orthopedic physical therapy to get back to normal. Read on to find out how to recover from osteoporosis fractures.

Join A Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Program

If you get a fracture, then it is important to get back to normal functioning as possible. A musculoskeletal rehabilitation program gives you the better chance of getting back to normal. It is a program supervised by your doctor. This program was designed for patients with disabilities and impairments. The disabilities may be due to disease, trauma or disorders that occurred to your bones and muscles.

Certain people can benefit from this type of rehabilitation program. It works for patients with amputations, osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures, joint dislocations and joint replacements.

Work With A Team Of Experts

You have the option of doing a musculoskeletal rehabilitation program on an outpatient or inpatient basis. A benefit of choosing this program is working with a team of skilled professionals. For example, you may work with a registered dietician. A dietician puts you on a food plan that helps with your recovery and makes your bones stronger.

A psychologist is another professional that may be apart of your rehab team. It also takes an emotional toll when you get an injury and become dependent on others. Some people can lose their confidence when on bed rest and not able to participate in social activities. It helps to talk to a psychologist to find a way to overcome the emotional aspect of your injury. You also have excess to orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, case workers, chaplains and vocational counselors.

Access To A Customize Plan

This rehabilitation is designed to meet the needs of the patients. It provides a variety of care to help you with reaching your goals. You have access to fittings for casts, splints, braces and prosthesis. This rehab plan gives you access to exercise programs that improve flexibility, range of motion, muscle strength, endurance and mobility.

Healing from osteoporosis fractures present a few challenges. If you break a bone, then you want to recover quickly. It is important to get back to your normal routine and avoid future fractures. The worse case scenario is chronic pain and long term disability.