Things Your Local Women's Health Service Clinic Can Help You With

6 June 2018
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As a woman, it is very important to make sure that you are paying close attention to your women's health needs. This way, you will be able to ensure that you are staying on top of any small issues that may pop up from time to time, which gives the peace of mind of knowing that your overall women's health is taken care of. To do this, you will want to make use of the many services that are generally offered by women's health clinics. Some of those services include:

Pap Smear

This is a very important screening that you should have done once a year. The main goal is to detect cervical cancer or STD's like the human papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV. This is an STD that cannot be cured. It can cause you to have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. Even if you do not have any signs of cervical cancer according to your pap smear results, it is important to know whether you are at a higher risk for developing it due to having HPV. This helps your doctors know that they have to keep a careful eye on your health.

STD Testing

Even if you are not due for a pap smear, you can call to schedule an appointment in order to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, commonly referred to as STDs. Some of the STDs that you can be tested for include genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, Trichomoniasis, as well as HPV. The sooner you can be tested, the easier it will be to treat any STD that you may have, should the test come back positive. It is important to remember that STDs such as HIV and herpes cannot be cured, but you can be given medication to help control the symptoms, as well as an education on how you can prevent the spread of it. There are some STDs that can be treated, but you must make sure that your partner is treated as well. Otherwise, you risk becoming infected again.

Breast Examination

It is advised that women perform a self-examination of their breasts at least once a month. Should you find that you are having trouble doing this properly, you will want to set an appointment so a doctor can do one for you. He or she can then teach you the techniques you need to use in order to perform the self-examination properly. It is important to make sure that this is done regularly in order to catch breast cancer in its earliest stage should you ever develop it.

Do make sure that you are taking the time to find the best women's health center in your area. This way, you will feel comfortable going and you will be able to trust the care and advice that you receive from the doctors and nurses that work there.