How To Curb Bad Eating Disorder Habits

11 February 2021
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When you have an eating disorder, your mind thinks differently. You likely believe you are overweight or aren't good enough, telling yourself things that you actually begin to believe. With an eating disorder, there are usually things lying below the surface that causes this disorder, and getting to the bottom of how you are using food is the first step in treating your eating disorder. To help prevent you from going back to these bad habits, there are a few things you can do in order to curb this behavior. Read on for some helpful tips.

Phone A Friend

Find a trusted friend or even a therapist that you can speak with. You can talk to them about how you are feeling to help prevent you from going back to old habits that you may use to cope with different things going on in your life. For example, if you have had a bad breakup, lost a job, or had some other traumatic events occur, talking with someone else about it can help. Talking about your feelings, rather than holding them in can help prevent you from falling back into these old habits. Grab the phone and call a friend, it may help you a great deal to get your feeling off of your chest.

Make Time For Healthy Eating

It can be easy to skip a meal or two, seeing the scale move down a few pounds. It can also end up pulling you back into bad habits. Don't skip meals, and be sure to make time for a good healthy meal. This is important to do even if you have to meal prep each week in order to prevent skipping meals because you don't have time. Don't use this as an excuse to fall back into bad patterns. 

Find A Support Group

Finding a support group can also be beneficial in curbing bad habits if you have had or currently have an eating disorder. Talking with your peers about your disorder can help you see that you aren't alone in this fight. There are a number of support groups that can help you with your disorder. Talk to your physician or eating disorder treatment center about local support groups as well.

If you had or currently have an eating disorder, it can be very easy to fall back into old patterns and bad habits again. For more information about eating disorder treatment, contact a clinic.