Preparing For A Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

8 November 2021
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If you have serious, external hemorrhoids, then the less invasive treatment options may not give you much relief. In cases like these, hemorrhoid surgery really may be your only option. The good news is that once you recover, you should not have to deal with hemorrhoid pain anymore. The bad news is that hemorrhoid surgery can cause some pretty significant discomfort as you recover. Luckily, if you follow the tips below, then your surgery and recovery are likely to go more smoothly.

Tell your doctor about any blood thinners you're taking

Blood thinning medications, including low-dose aspirin, can cause you to bleed more than usual after hemorrhoid surgery. Excessive bleeding will not only make you feel weaker but may also cause you more pain during recovery. So, make sure you tell your surgeon about any blood thinners you're taking. Chances are, they will recommend you stop taking them a few days to a week before your surgery. (Don't stop taking these meds unless your doctor tells you to, though.)

Eat a high-fiber diet

In the weeks leading up to surgery, work on introducing more fiber to your diet. Eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains. You may even want to take psyllium husks or another fiber supplement. Fiber will make your stools softer, so that after surgery, you don't have as much pain when you defecate. The reason you need to start modifying your diet early is that it can take your digestive tract time to get use to the change. If you add too much fiber too quickly, you may end up with loose stools, which can irritate your surgical sites in a different way.

Stock up on Epsom salts

Epsom salts are really helpful for soaking your rear end after hemorrhoid surgery. You won't feel like going to the store to buy them post-surgery, so make sure you have them on-hand before. Stay away from Epsom salt soaks that have other ingredients like lavender oil added. These are nice for baths, but the extra ingredients are likely to irritate your surgical sites. You'll use up to a cup of Epsom salts each time you soak, and you will soak a few times a day, so buy several packages.

If you take the time to prepare properly for hemorrhoid surgery, it will go more smoothly. This procedure is not always easy, but it is the best path towards a life free from hemorrhoid pain.

Contact a medical professional for more tips on preparing for a hemorrhoidectomy procedure.