Why Your Doctor Might Suggest Magnets To Help You With Your Depression

11 November 2022
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Depression is a truly awful condition that affects so many people across America and abroad. It can make everything in your daily life seem like a challenge and just generally not worth it, and trying to manage it can be different for everyone. Sometimes medication may work best, other times, lifestyle changes can help address many of the symptoms of depression. What you may not expect is that your doctor suggests you try magnets to help try to relieve your depression. While these are not just any old regular magnets, they are, at the end of the day, magnets that can actually help with your depression, and here is how. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The procedure that involves magnets is called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS ), and it works by simply adhering an electromagnet to your forehead. Electromagnets are magnets that can be turned on and off and given a lot more precision because of this, and once you are seated comfortably, the electromagnet will be turned on, and you'll simply sit there for a little bit under an hour while the magnet applies a targeted magnetic field. This is not pseudoscience or alternative therapy, this is very much a real, documented treatment that is suggested and operated by medical professionals.

How Does It Work?

In general, transcranial magnetic stimulation is thought to work by affecting the nerves in the area of your brain that is responsible for your mood. In some cases, the change can be quite profound and with continued sessions, can very much reduce the number of depressive symptoms a person experiences. Investigations are still underway for a definitive answer as to why this works, but for now, TMS therapy is still practiced in all areas of the country and is largely thought of as a great, non-invasive way to help those with depression.

Is It Safe?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is very safe, with the most common negative side effect usually being nothing more than a headache, if that. While you should always speak to your doctor about whether they think you are eligible, and you may not be if you have any kind of electronic or metal surgical implants, most of the time there is no medical concern. It is very safe and the only danger for most people is a bit of boredom as they sit with the electromagnet attached to their forehead during their scheduled sessions. 

For more information on transcranial magnetic stimulation, contact a healthcare clinic near you.