How To Minimize The Risk Of Undergoing An X-Ray Scan

14 April 2023
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X-ray exams come with benefits that far outweigh the risks. However, it's still important to take the steps necessary to identify medical conditions that could lead to serious health problems in the future. 

Questions to Ask Before Undergoing an X-Ray Scan

One of the questions to ask is the X-ray's purpose and whether it will be beneficial. Alternative methods might be less invasive and less likely to cause side effects. However, even with the concerns associated with X-rays, you will be better protected from radiation poisoning by wearing a lead apron. They limit the amount of radiation that your body will be exposed to.

Other Safeguards

Another way to reduce radiation exposure is to use a lead collar. This protective measure only allows a little radiation to pass through and protects the thyroid gland. This collar is essential with X-ray tests performed on children because radiation exposure can increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer. 

Besides cancer, tissue exposure to high levels of X-ray radiation can lead to problems such as cataracts and hair loss. Therefore, it's essential to minimize exposure to X-ray radiation.

What to Expect

When you undergo an X-ray exam, your doctor will take X-rays of several body areas. This is done for diagnostic purposes and to guide your doctor when performing treatments. They are absorbed into the tissues our doctor is scanning so that your doctor can more easily see denser areas because they are brighter when they appear on film.

Pros and Cons

Ask your doctor whether there are any risks when using X-rays to a large extent. However, X-rays are usually safe and painless. Your doctor will be able to monitor therapy and may be able to diagnose a condition you are suffering from. As a result, your doctor will have more support for surgical planning. A doctor can also guide the personnel when inserting stents and catheters. 

Onsite X-Ray Scan Services

A clinic that cannot carry out X-rays might hire an onsite X-ray scan service. These professionals will be able to carry out scans much more effectively. They will also be able to keep costs low and can help a doctor receive more rapid results.

As a result, your doctor may be able to start providing you with treatment as soon as possible. A doctor doesn't have to wait for their patient to head to a separate location to undergo X-ray tests because a trained technician can perform them right in the clinic. For more information on onsite X-ray scans, contact a professional near you.